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Keeping track of invoices, emails, spreadsheets, customer design files and even my sanity is very hard to do if you don’t have a somewhat solid system to keep track of it all. Over the years, many apps have come out to help me stay on top of everything I do. ***disclaimer…none of these companies paid me to put them on this list. I actually use every app that is on this list.

Social Media & RSS

To keep me up to date with what’s going on, on the internet, I use these Apps. *Disclaimer, I will not be talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other major social media outlet.[/text_output][text_output]


Simply put, buffer is the easiest way to publish on social media. You are able to post to multiple social media accounts at one time and have tractable links that give you analytics about each post. Check out their “Awesome!” plan for people looking to use it for business.



One of the best RSS apps out there in my opinion. I am able to keep up with all my tech, gaming, gaming and fashion news all from this one app.

IF (and DO, a product of IF)

Formally known as IFTTT (IF THIS THAN THAT), IF can be used for multiple ways. They describe their app as a way of putting the internet to work for you. I personally use it to enhance my social media prescience and to keep me aware of when certain #’s get posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. IF, recently released a new product called “DO.” I have only used it a few times and all I will say about it is that I suggest taking it a look over.




This is a web app and also a Chrome browser extension. Every time I open a new tab in Chrome, I am able to see the latest Dribbble post, latest Mashable posts, and many more post from other various websites. I enjoy the Chrome Extension because it is always updating and I never know what bit of information I may run into whenever I open a new tab.

Business Apps

I have moved to using the “Cloud” about 6 months ago and I can say it has been one of the best things I could have ever done. Never having to ever worry about a lost file or a lost contact, I just love it. This is a list of most of the apps that I use currently to run my businesses.

Google Drive

For unlimited space at $10 a month, I could not pass this up. I am able to share and manage all the files I produce for my clients and have access to them all from my phone, laptop, and tablet. I use Google for my business email and it is just very convenient to only have to worry about one login.


I no longer use this app, but the few weeks that I did use it, I found it to be a very simple and use fool tool. This is an app that allows you to set up todo lists in a very easy and simple way. There is a web app and mobile app.


Stripe is what I use to accept payments. I simply love that value and ease of what Stripe offers with this payment gateway. It integrates with many other apps to accept payment, I just enjoy its use. (I am not a fan of PayPal at all. FYI).


When I first started accepting payments online, I used this service to do it. (Stripe integrates with the Plasso app) I used this app for about a year and it severed its purpose. I was able to send invoices and accept payments. The only thing I did not like was that I was charged more per transaction, 3% of the total cost along with the standard 2.9% + 0.30 just for sending an Invoice. To get away from the extra 3%, I had to send my clients to a Pay Me page that easily accepts payments. If you are just starting out with accepting online payments, I would totally suggest this app to start off with.


This is the cream of the crop when it comes to having an app that allows you to do everything in one place. 17Hats is the perfect person who needs to send invoices, manage clients, emails, to-do lists, Quotes, Contracts, Time worked on projects, accounting and so much more. You will literally feel like you have 17 people working for you. This very app is the reason why I stopped using Plasso because it links directly to my Stripe account. Also, I stopped using Wunderlist because I was able to use the todo list function in 17Hats.
The pricing is a bit steep (for people who may not have a budget for a service like this) but you’re in luck. They have a free 15 day trial period where you can try out all the services they have to offer. When you are ready to buy the service, they have a Monthly, Annual Plan and a Bi-Annual Plan. ( I suggest the Bi-Annual Plan) If you use code, xkbhvcpbdt or go-to, you will get 10% off. That can be up to $30 off the total cost depending on which plan you use. I highly, highly, suggest this app. If you are a graphic designer, web designer, entrepreneur, or manager, this is the perfect app for you.

Other Apps


I do a lot of work. One day I may have a speaking engagement, the next I have a full day of design work to do, the next I may have both but just may not have the focus to do anything. This is where Headspace comes in to play. This is a simple app that teaches you how to meditate. I am a rookie and have only used this app for about 2 weeks but I can say it has made me a better person which makes me a better entrepreneur. There is a 10-day exercise that the app starts with and after that, they have a subscription service to gain access to their premium content.


This is a simple ad-free mobile version of the bible. It has all the translations and it’s just that simple. Why is the Bible on this list? I am glad you asked. Everything that I am doing with my overall life, is what God wants me to do. How do I know that, well I start off by praying and having that personal relationship with Jesus and I also read the Bible.
One last thing, for me having all the apps in the world to make my life easier and more functional will not do what my personal relationship with Jesus and reading the Bible has done for me.

Let me know in the comments down below if there are any apps that I may need to check out. Thanks for reading!!!

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