Daymond John – The Power of Broke Tour

Sunday, January 24th Daymond John (Star of ABC’s Shark Tank) came to UNCOMMON DEXIGNER’s neck of the woods (literally, lol) to promote his new book The Power of Broke on The Power of Broke Tour. I was able to record the message he wanted to share prior to the book signing and he also answered a few questions as well.

How UNCOMMON DEXIGNER Uses the Power of Broke

UNCOMMON DEXIGNER used the power of broke we we started over a year ago. With no money, no definite plan or a staff. UNCOMMON DEXIGNER leveraged the gifts God gave Kevin W., Founder and CEO of UNXCOMMMON Inc., and the network of people God put in his life at that time. Now only a few years later UNCOMMON DEXIGNER has grown into UNXCOMMON Inc., which owns companies such as UNCOMMON DEXIGNER, UNCOMMON WEB XERVICES, UNCOMMON HOXTING and has partnered with Godaddy, Adobe, Amazon and currently working on a partnership with Google and Shopify.

This was all possible by leveraging, as Daymond John puts it, our brokenness into something powerful.

Let us know how you use the Power of Broke in your business? One comment below will be chosen to get a free consultation from UNCOMMON DEXIGNER to see how we can leverage what you have to drive your business to its goals.

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