As the years have passed, I know have found a deep love for “Lofi Hip Hop” music. Not familiar what this is? Click the play button below to listen to a nonstop mix on Youtube.

One question that does NOT get asked enough is, “What music do you listen to while you design?” Personally, I listen to a lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). From Skrillex to Kaskade to Daft Punk to ATB I listen to it all. It’s something about the music that just keeps me in the zone when I am designing. It’s something about designing and having the right track playing in the background.

I have taken the liberty to make an UNCOMMON DEXIGNER playlist of the music I listen to while designing. Hopefully this playlist will introduce you to new music and keep you entertained throughout the designing day. I will do my best to keep this playlist up to date with new music.

Let me know what you listen to by leaving a comment below.


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