WordPress.com + Pexels Offers Access to Free Stock Photo Library

WordPress.com is now offering direct access to Free Stock image through Pexels, (dubbed the best free stock photo website). In this video, we go over how to use this integration with your Self-Hosted website.

“Stock-image libraries have historically struggled to represent all experiences, and often excluded photos of people of color, people with disabilities, or non-binary individuals. Pexels is working to change that, and since partnering with them we’ve helped incorporate diversity-focused libraries into their collection. Ultimately, we believe it’s on us to help find a solution to this problem and avoid generic stock images that often perpetuate stereotypes.”
– WordPress

We personally use Pexels on a regular basis with our clients when we need stock photos. We truly do see a very big value in both WordPress looking to help add more diverse photos to Pexels archive and Pexels making it easier for WordPress users to gain access to their photos.

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