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How We Do

Web Design

We build websites using the worlds leading content management system (CMS) WordPress. It allows your website to have an endless amount of functionality and makes updating your website in-house, very efficient.

No matter if you are building a website from scratch or your existing website (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or static HTML website) and completely converting it to a dynamic WordPress website. We can make an already designed website look the same, the only upside to getting it redid in WordPress is that you will have a CMS back-end that will allow you to make updates to your website without having to hire a developer.

Creating custom websites from scratch get the same love and treatment as well. No matter if we need to design the site for you or if you already have a design made, we can make your vision come true.

Let’s Get Started



Milestone 1

Initial Call + Strategy

The initial call, we discuss we look to learn what your vision is for your website. Strategic questions will be asked about your current issues, goals, look and feel, graphics, colors, pages, functionality, newsletters and much more with the website we are looking to develop for you. The main focal point here is to get as clear as possible about what you want to achieve with your website, visually and functionally.

Milestone 2

Content Gathering

During this phase, you will have a todo list of EVERYTHING we will need prior to designing your website mockups. This phase is the most vital to your project. Generating your website's copy (text content), photos, creating accounts on social media and email marketing systems are all happening here. While we do not personally provide content development services, we can most definitely assist with linking you up with the proper person to assist you with developing the perfect copy for your company.

Milestone 3

Website Mockups

This is the phase where we take our initial call + strategy session and the website content you have provided and put it to work. We were designing your websites mockups for you to view. During the mockup phase, you will be able to get a full visual representation of what we are looking to design for your company. During this phase, you will also get to revision the layout of the website and ask as many questions to ensure the mockups include everything we need to achieve your businesses goals. Once we finalize your design, we can move to implement your design into WordPress.

Milestone 4

WordPress Design Implementation

The official fun gets to happen, WordPress design time! Once we have a finalized mockup to work with, we move right into taking your design into WordPress and bringing your visions to life (literally). During this phase, we are actively designing your site in a live server and prepping the website to view and tested by you in a live environment.

Milestone 5

Review and Launch

The final stage, Review and Launch. This is the time to review the finalized site to ensure all button is working, all images are showing and check for mobile responsiveness. Once we get your final blessing we will be prepared to launch your website and start working on your Welcome Video.

Should We
Partner Up?


We SHOULD partner up if:

  • You do not have time to DIY your website project
  • You are a professional who is ready to trust another professional to do what they do best
  • You are a fan of clean website design

Uhhh No.

We SHOULD NOT partner up if:

  • You want to learn how to build your own website

  • Your business is not really established

  • You love glitter and gold and cluttered websites AND simplicity give you a bad vibe.

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