About the company.

This means UNXCOMMON INC. has been around the block a few times in a market that has seen many changes in this time period. From startups, small business to multi-million dollar businesses…we have assisted all get online and thrive since day 1.

A simple mission, supported by our vision and values.

Our business starts with our mission, which will always direct the path of the company. It declares our overall purpose as a business. To always seek to give value, especially when a profit is not being made. To inspire, inform and educate everyone the company comes in contact with. To make dreams, visions, and goals achievable. To execute every decision we make with the expectancy of being 100% professional.

Our vision is what we have described is the needed assets to achieve our mission. Business: We must be a great business to do business with, so others can enjoy doing business with us. Services: Offer services that will allow our always evolving client base to be successful no matter where their market takes them. Partners: Continue to build strategic partnerships that not only UNXCOMMON INC. will thrive from, but also our clients.

The values we put in place will describe how we should always be perceived in the world. Accountability: If we say we will make it happen, it is on us to deliver. Passion: Always show as much passion in what we do from start to finish. Quality: You break you buy does not apply here. We develop products that last and we stand behind that. Education: If people seek to be informed, it is up to us to educate.

Meet the team.


Kevin W.

Founder & Creative Director


Menka D.

Sr. WordPress Designer

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